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Who we are

We are the descendants of First Nations people and European's – a fusion cultures. We have our own language called Michif which is a combination of French nouns and Cree verbs and is spoken by Métis in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and in the South Slave Region of the Northwest Territories. Depending on the region, the language spoken may be Michif-Anishnaabe or Michif-Cree.

We also have our own dances, traditions and a rich and vibrant history. Below are a few videos that help tell our story.

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The story of the Métis people. An overview of our roots, language and culture. 

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Daniel's Case

The 'Daniel's Case' was a landmark decision for the Métis people and non-status Indians. No longer invisible.

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Who we are

We are not taught in schools in Canada about the Métis people and who we are.

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